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When is the Best Time of Year to Replace My Roof?

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There are a lot of reasons that you might need a roof replacement. It could be severe damage from years of being exposed to the elements. It could be that it’s more cost-effective than getting a roof repair. Maybe your roof is just old and faded, so you want a new aesthetic. Whatever the case, it might help to know when you should get your roof replaced.

The best season to schedule your roof replacement is Fall. Since your roof has to protect you from bad weather, the fall is the perfect time. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wait. We can get booked up fast in the fall, so it’s good to know that you can get a roof replacement in any season. Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of each season or give us a call today!

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Get Your Roof Replaced in the Fall

There are a lot of reasons that we recommend getting your roof replacement in the fall. On the one hand, it’s easier for us to do the installation because the weather is nicer. That lets us work faster, because our staff doesn’t have to overheating as much. There’s also usually less stormy weather. If you’ve never had a roof replaced, any kind of precipitation can be dangerous during the process.

Since we have to remove the previous roof, it would expose your property to rain and possibly flood. Our professionals would also be in danger of slipping off or, in the case of a lightning storm, being electrocuted. Fall typically has less bad weather, so it’s ideal. Plus, the lack of humid temperatures will let shingles seal better.

Of course, everyone recommends getting your roof replacement in the fall. That means our schedule fills up fast, so you might have trouble getting in. Fall is also the time that any late Summer replacements spill into, so waiting until Fall isn’t always the best idea. We can usually work quickly with more hours, but there are still more jobs than any other time.

We strongly suggest trying to schedule your roof replacement at least a month or two out to get a Fall slot. That way, you can already have the inspection and estimate done. Otherwise, you might end up having to wait on the books until we have an opening.

What About Spring and Summer?

Just because Fall is the perfect season for a roof replacement doesn’t mean the other months are bad. Spring, especially toward the end, can also be a great time for your new roof. You’ve just made it through Winter, so your roof might have even sustained new damages to be addressed with a replacement. Our schedule tends to open up a little more in Spring and the weather is pretty good.

While there can be Spring showers, there’s less humidity, so your roof deck is safer during our project. With that being said, Fall is a better option because of the rainfall. We might encounter more weather delays in the spring, so the replacement can take longer. Still, we’d recommend the time between late Spring and early Fall above any other season.

Summer isn’t out of the question, though. It’s a lot hotter, so we can’t work as long during the days, but there’s generally less rain. Especially early in the season, Summer is less humid. You can replace your roof and have your home use less electricity, so you could save some money. Summer will also be good for setting your shingles, because the heat helps the adhesive.

Unfortunately, Summer has some serious cons. While our workers won’t be in as much danger of storms, heat exhaustion poses a threat. Roofs can reflect heat and be much hotter than ground-level. The heat will help the adhesive, but it can weaken your shingles and reduce their longevity. There’s also an increase in roof replacements, so there’s a good chance you’ll have to wait longer than some seasons.

 No matter what season you need your roof replacement done, you can trust Northland Roofing, LLC. To get started with your free inspection and get it out of the way early, contact us today! Our roofing experts know the best products and manufacturers, so you’ll have a new roof you can count on!

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Pros of a Winter Roof Replacement

We’ve talked about the warmer seasons and why Fall is the perfect time to get your roof replaced. However, there are some benefits to having your roof replacement scheduled for the winter. The colder months typically don’t see a lot of projects on the books, so you’ll probably get in faster. You won’t have to wait, and any roofing materials will be out of the way for you to be outside in the Spring.

There’s also less chance of rain, so the risk of a weather delay is lower. The sun won’t beat down to cause issues with heat stroke, too. Then there’s the financial side of things. Because there’s such a massive influx of roof replacements in the Spring and Fall, the prices are usually higher. You can usually get your roof replaced for less in the winter.

From the materials to the labor, you might be able to save on a Winter roof replacement. In fact, you can avoid damages getting worse and having to worry about internal home repairs. There could be damage that you don’t know about, and winter storms don’t make anything better. By getting a new roof to protect your property, you might be able to prevent ice dams or a roof collapse! That’s also why we offer emergency roof replacement.

If you like the sound of saving money, you’ll also like that a new roof can retain heat better. Missing shingles or bad insulation can allow heat to leak through, meaning a higher electric bill for no reason. By getting your roof replaced, you can dodge that spike in your electricity usage and save over time. Whatever the reason, those are some of the positives to a Winter roof replacement, so give us a call today!

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Why Winter Isn’t a Good Time

We know that the pros might have made Winter sound like a great time to get your roof replacement, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. For starts, some of our roofing equipment doesn’t work as effectively in the cold weather. Between that and the cold itself, we might not be able to work as fast. In fact, the cold can make conditions dangerous for our staff – and, since roofing is already one of the most dangerous professions, we generally avoid working at this time of year.

That’s because of the ice, which may or may not be visible. Just like with rain, our workers can slip and get hurt from climbing around on an icy roof all day. We also take great pride in our results, but the cold can affect your shingles. Installing asphalt shingles in the Winter takes extra attention, because it can make the adhesive less effective.

There’s also your schedule to consider. In the Winter months, most homeowners plan for holiday trips or vacations with the family. A roof replacement can interfere with that, especially if there’s any kind of weather or material delay. That’s one of the many reasons we recommend hiring a professional, because we’ll work with your schedule and your budget. Just give us a call today and let us know what we can do for you – especially if you’re looking for roof replacement.

Roof Replacement Year-Round

As you might have noticed, there are a lot of benefits to getting a roof replacement. You can get better insulation and protection, which can save you money. Anything from a lower electric bill to improved safety can be yours with a new roof! While Fall is the best season to schedule your roof replacement, our experts can do it throughout the year! To get your free inspection and estimate, get in touch with Northland Roofing, LLC today!

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