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Norwalk, CT Roof Repairs

Nature can be one of the most devastating forces on Earth, especially over time when the acidity of rain takes a toll on your roof’s shingles, siding, and anything underneath if a leak occurs. One of the best ways to prevent this situation is by having a routine inspection done on your roof consistently, because by catching things early you can avoid the higher costs of a roof replacement down the road. Northland Roofing, LLC has a team of roofing experts that can look at your roof and know everything that needs fixed or replaced to keep your roof in working order. If you’re ready to feel more secure in your home, give us a call!


Someone Called For an Inspector?

Northland Roofing, LLC searches to hire the most knowledgeable roofing experts, so you can feel comfortable once you’ve given us a call that your roof is in the best hands. It could be an issue with the shingles or roofing materials above, but we’ve been doing this long enough that we know how much damage could be lying underneath. To avoid an unexpected leak or roofing situation, give Northland Roofing, LLC a call today!

Early Warning for Roof Repair

  • If you notice darkened areas or streaks on your roof, this could mean a deep cleaning is needed.
  • Shingles have a life span, but the constant exposure to sunlight and rain can cause an early deterioration that can lead to leaks or water damage.
  • Watch for peeling, bubbling, or small fragments of shingles in or around your gutters. All of these can be an indication that your shingles are in desperate need of repair or replacement.
  • Pay attention to the state of the flashing around your roofing structures or along the sides of your roof.
  • If moisture damage gets underneath and starts to rot the wood, your roof’s structure can sag or feel spongey.

Experts of Roof Repair

As implied earlier, a lot of the damage to your roof may not be seen by the naked eye so bringing in an expert might be exactly what the roof doctor ordered. Northland Roofing, LLC is prepared to help with your roofing needs and our trained members are ready to check your roof for all sorts of issues, such as points of ventilation not letting in proper air flow or insulation causing your shingles to get too hot and fall apart. Contact Northland Roofing, LLC if you suspect anything’s wrong with your roof or just want to feel safer with a peace of mind.

Common Problems in Roofing

Watch For Spots

It may not just be under or next to your bathroom, but a leaky pipe flange will usually show water stains in those locations so be on the lookout.

Down the Chimney

Loose flashing around the base of your chimney can become an access point for water to seep in and weaken or rot the wood of your roof, so give us a call if it looks damaged.

Sealed In Tight

Flashing isn’t just for roofing structures, but to seal the points where the walls meet the roof. If you notice signs of water damage along the walls, it might mean the flashing needs repaired or the roof replaced.

Skylights Old and New

When skylights were first installed, they weren’t done with modern materials so they’re more prone to leaks but new ones can be as well. Whatever the case, or if you need any roofing assistance, contact Northland Roofing, LLC today!


Call Us For Your Roofing Needs!

Northland Roofing, LLC is a multi-purpose roofing company for services such as:

  • Repairs to your roof flashing, deck, or shingles
  • Fixing a damaged chimney
  • Repair or replace a skylight
  • Work on a flat roof
  • Repairing gutters and eaves
  • Toughing up animal damage
  • Seasonal work
  • And many more answers to your roofing problems!

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